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May 23, 2010

Aceh in Indonesia and Islamic Sharia law

Aceh in Indonesia and Islamic Sharia law


By Lee Jay Walker
Tokyo Correspondent –  THE SEOUL TIMES



Flag of Aceh. The Free Aceh Movement (Indonesian: Gerakan Aceh Merdeka: GAM), also known as the Aceh Sumatra National Liberation Front (ASNLF), was a separatist group seeking independence for the Aceh region of Sumatra from Indonesia.

The nation of Indonesia is multi-ethnic and multi-religious but just like Nigeria religious issues and tensions remain. In northern Nigeria many states in the north were allowed to introduce Sharia Islamic law, however, for Christian minorities this was a nightmare because they became threatened by the brutal reality of Islamic Sharia law. Therefore, will Aceh inspire Islamists in other parts of Indonesia in the future and what about being equal in law?

In the past you had a brutal civil war in Aceh between the Free Aceh Movement who wanted either an independent state or real autonomy within Indonesia. However, the tragic events of the tsunami in 2004 altered the internal situation and central forces and the Free Aceh Movement both compromised in order to resolve many long standing issues.

Prior to the tsunami in 2004 the civil war had been ongoing and in 2001 the government of Indonesia allowed a broader role of Islamic Sharia Law in Aceh. However, this was also followed by a fresh Indonesian military offensive in 2003-2004 but events would unfold after the tsunami and a peace deal was struck in 2005 between the Free Aceh Movement and the government of Indonesia.

The region of Aceh is diverse but the vast majority of people follow Islam and this applies to approximately 98% of the population. The other 2% of people in Aceh are Buddhist, Christian, or Hindu. However, in Indonesia the religious issue is complex because despite the majority of people being Muslim you still have sizeable minorities who follow other religions.

Christianity is the second major faith in Indonesia and accounts for 9% to 13% of the entire population. Also, in recent decades this faith is growing and thriving despite bouts of persecution. Therefore, just like in Nigeria, the role of Islamic Sharia law is serious because many minorities fear religious persecution and discrimination.

Many provinces throughout Indonesia have opted to implement aspects of Islamic Sharia law but these infringements have been limited in scope when compared to Aceh. For according to reports in recent days the region of Aceh will allow people to be stoned to death in cases of adultery and other draconian laws based on Sharia will also be implemented.

Therefore, the slippery slope is starting to gain in momentum and this bodes ill for Indonesia just like it does for northern Nigeria. After all, in northern Nigeria you have many tensions between Christians and Muslims and only recently you had more Christian martyrs beheaded by radical Islamists.

Currently in Indonesia it is clear that Christians face pressure and restrictions in Aceh, West Java and South Sulawesi and the role of Islamic Sharia law will only add to this problem. In other parts of Indonesia, for example North Sulawesi and Papua, Christians form a majority while sizeable communities can be found around Lake Toba in North Sumatra, Maluku, and other parts of Indonesia.

In Padang in West Sumatra you are seeing growing infringements on non-Muslims because all females must wear headscarves irrespective if Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or whatever faith or no faith. Also, in some parts of Indonesia radical Islamists are putting pressure on local leaders about preventing new Christian churches to be built or to close down churches.

Indonesian Islam was always very diverse because of past influences and traits of Hinduism and Buddhism can be found throughout a vast part of Indonesia. However, in modern day Indonesia it is clear that radical Islamic networks are trying to impose a more brutal and harsh version of Islam and this bodes ill for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Aceh was always different because Islam was firmly established a long time ago and conservative versions are more natural in this part of Indonesia. Yet it is like northern Nigeria, how can non-Muslims feel secure or equal under Sharia Islamic law?

If you have a legal system which is based on equality for all ethnic and religious groups then the threat of control is lifted. However, what will happen in Aceh if a Muslim converts to Christianity, Hinduism, or any other religion? Will this individual be killed like it states in the Koran and the Hadiths?

Also, in the future non-Muslim missionary work may be curtailed while Middle Eastern funding continues to spread a dark shadow over Indonesia. Even more alarming, radical Sunni Islamists will be encouraged and they will increasingly put pressure on minorities by spreading radical Islam and enforcing dhimmitude on all minorities.

The Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) and other similar organizations are determined to Islamize both moderate Islam in Indonesia and society on the whole. They propagate their version of Islam and then persecute minorities like Ahmadiyya Muslims and Christians.

Therefore, in modern day Indonesia the threat of radical Islam is real and the implementation of stoning people to death for adultery is a slippery step and one that is all too common in the history of Islamization.

After all, in Afghanistan you once had Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims, and many branches of Islam were once more moderate in this nation. Yet in time the fullness of Islam was implemented via the teachings of the Koran, the Hadiths, and the implementation of Islamic Sharia law and the consequences of this was the destruction of Buddhism and Hinduism.

Indonesia is still “a young democracy” and this nation is extremely diverse in terms of ethnicity and religion but in the past pluralism won the day. However, today this pluralism is being threatened on many fronts and the introduction of stoning people to death for adultery in Aceh could further embolden other regions to implement Sharia in full.

Given this, it is essential for all minorities to work together and alongside moderate Muslims in order to preserve a society based on secularism. The “heart” of Indonesia faces many challenges but this issue could tear this nation apart if it gets out of control.

Radical Islamists will also do their best to spread hatred and their hatred is indeed deep. Therefore, the government of Indonesia must do more to tackle this issue and appeasing Islamists is not the way forward because they want to spread the Islamic culture and to enforce a monoculture on the people of Indonesia.


May 20, 2010

Somalia and UK, and killing of Christians

Somalia and UK, and Killing of Christians


By Lee Jay Walker
Tokyo Correspondent  – THE SEOUL TIMES

Islamic terrorism in Somalia and killing Christians

The Koran and Hadiths support the killing of apostates

In Somalia another four converts from Islam have just been beheaded by radical Sunni Islamists who desire a 100 percent fanatical state. The four Christians were killed by the Al-Shabab on the grounds of “fitna.” Fitna applies to creating religious discord and in the minds of Al-Shabab, all converts who leave Islam must be killed in accordance with the Koran and Hadiths.

Therefore, a natural liberty, religious freedom, which exists in the “free world” is being denied many and clearly radical Sunni Islamists are intent on Islamizing the world by killing all minorities within their Islamized states, for example in Afghanistan and Somalia.

On the one hand, we have radical Sunni Islamists beheading people or burning people alive; and on the other hand we have state sanctioned victimization of religious minorities and the persecution of apostates from Islam.

Given this, it is clear that the methodology of radical Sunni Islamists is more brutal with regards to beheading people or burning them alive. Yet the mentality of religious persecution exists within mainstream Islam because the majority of mainly Muslim nations have policies which infringe on religious liberty.

Not only this, the mindset of discrimination is rampant within religious communities and while the liberals enjoy lambasting their own respective cultures and appeasing Islam in the West; they remain silent about mass discrimination within the Muslim community towards non-Muslims and apostates.

Therefore, in the United Kingdom the Islamists can’t behead converts from Islam; however, many normal Muslim families will disown their children if they leave the Muslim religion. Not only this, others will go even much further because many females have been killed in so-called “honour killings.” 

However, these honour killings are often killing apostates from Islam but the British government and the mass media doesn’t want to tackle this issue and of course the Christian church in the United Kingdom is blinded by its own peace-loving and liberal views. Given this, apostates from Islam are being killed by radical Sunni Islamists in Somalia and by normal Muslim families in the United Kingdom.

The frightening thing is that in the United Kingdom we have a sizeable minority who support the killing of apostates from Islam within the Muslim community. This applies to a major survey stating that 36% support killing apostates from Islam in modern day Britain within the Muslim community.

However, this figure does not tell the true story because many within the majority who do not support death will have said so for various reasons.  After all, many questions were left out by the think-tank Policy Exchange.

Therefore, Inayat Bunglawala, a spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), insists that such behaviour in Britain is “awful and quite wrong. The police should crack down on it.” However, he stated “in Britain” and when he was asked about killing apostates in Islamic nations he responded “it was a matter for those states.”

Therefore, a leading figure in the MCB is clearly making it clear that killing apostates in other nations is not his concern, therefore, once more the conclusion is either he does not care that non-Muslims are being killed for apostasy outside of the United Kingdom or he supports it but does not want to say so openly? Either way, it is clear that this issue is not serious for him to openly rebuke killing apostates outside of the United Kingdom.

Turning back to Somalia, then it is clear that Al-Shabab wants a one hundred per cent Islamic Sharia state. This radical Sunni Islamic state will kill all converts from Islam, whip women who do not cover up completely, stone women to death for adultery, chop hands and feet off, kill homosexuals, and they will implement other draconian laws.

These laws will of course be based on the Koran and Hadiths and clearly Al-Shabab can rightly claim that they are beheading Christians in accordance to the teachings of Mohammed. After all, jihad is allowed to be waged against the non-believers and Mohammed ordered the killings of all apostates.

Verse 9:73 in the Koran states “O Prophet! Strive hard (wage war) against the unbelievers and the Hypocrites and be firm against them. Their abode is Hell, – an evil refuge indeed.” While the Hadith 9:4 says “Wherever you find infidels kill them; for whoever kills them shall have reward on the Day of Resurrection.”

Therefore, in the last few weeks Christians have been burnt alive in Pakistan, converts from Islam have been beheaded in Somalia, and Christian pastors in Nigeria were beheaded for not converting to Islam. All these acts were done by radical Sunni Islamists and in every case the killers were shouting “Allah akbar” (God is great) because they believed that it was their religious duty to kill innocents because of their understanding of conservative Islam.

Al-Shabab, the radical Sunni Islamists who want to go back to “year Mohammed” and implement brutal laws are proud of their barbaric deeds. Yet in the United Kingdom a former Muslim, Sofia Allam, (not her real name in order to protect her) who converted to Christianity faced the brutal reality of moderate Islam.

Her parents went from loving parents into hate filled anti-infidel mode and their loyalty was to Islam and not their daughter. To them, having loyalty to both their faith and daughter was not possible because she had become an apostate. Therefore, a new world of darkness would embrace Sofia Allam because she would face violence, alienation, and hatred from the very people who once loved her and why, yes, simply because she had decided to leave the Islamic religion.

Sofia Allam explains that her father stated that “…..he couldn’t have me in the house now that I was a Kaffir [an insulting term for a non-Muslim]” and “He said I was damned forever. He insulted me horribly. I couldn’t recognize that man as the father who had been so kind to me as I was growing up.

“My mother’s transformation was even worse. She constantly beat me about the head. She screamed at me all the time. I remember saying to them, as they were shouting death threats, ‘Mum, Dad – you’re saying you should kill me… but I’m your daughter! Don’t you realize that?’?”

However, her parent’s knowledge of the Koran and Hadiths, and the community pressure within the Muslim community, meant that Sofia Allam was now in mortal danger. She now suffered bullying and intimidation and it was clear that she had to leave in order to protect herself.

She states “It was such a shock. I remember thinking when they brought all my uncles round to try to intimidate me – all these men were lined up telling me how terrible a person I was, how the devil had taken me – I remember thinking, how can this be happening? Because this isn’t Lahore in Pakistan. This is Dagenham in London! This is Britain!”

Maryam Namazie, a spokesperson for the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, states that “Intimidation is very widespread and pretty effective.” She believes that many of the deaths classified as “honour killings” are actually murders of people who have renounced Islam.

“I get threatened all the time: emails, letters, phone calls,” she says. “When I returned home this afternoon, for example, there was a death threat waiting for me on my answering machine…” Therefore, according to Maryam Namazie, and many others, apostates in the United Kingdom from Islam to any other religion are already being killed so Somalia is no longer so far away, is it?

Of course the British legal system will punish people for killing people irrespective if it is a “honour killing” or killing an apostate from Islam; however, it is clear that many liberals are afraid to say that killings of apostates is already a reality because they fear being deemed racist or they have a mythical view of the Koran and Hadiths.

The recent Christian martyrs in Nigeria, Pakistan, and Somalia, in the past few weeks are not only martyrs for religion they are martyrs for all people who support religious freedom and the fight against “Islamic religious fascism.”

Victims of this hate are being killed by either state sanctioned laws, like in Saudi Arabia; or by Islamic terrorists like Al-Shabab in Somalia who are beheading converts from Islam; or by family members in the United Kingdom and many other nations who are killing family members for leaving the Islamic faith.

The one thing that ties all these brutal crimes together is the teachings of Mohammed and the Koran and Hadiths, which clearly allows this mass hatred. After all, it is the Sunni Islamic imams in Saudi Arabia and other nations who have introduced these laws and Islamic Sharia law is based on the teachings of the Koran and Hadiths.

In 2010 we have Buddhists in southern Thailand being killed for being non-Muslims; we have Christians in Pakistan being burned alive over a comment over a book; we have Nigerian Christian pastors being beheaded for not converting to Islam; we have Bahai’s facing persecution in Iran; we have Ahmadiyya Muslims facing persecution in Pakistan; and Hindus also suffer persecution in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Will the world wake up to this threat and this hatred? After all, this persecution will not end because of silence on the contrary it will merely grow. Remember, the victims of this hatred are all moderates, irrespective if non-Muslim or Muslim because Islamic radicals are killing both Christians and Ahmadiyya Muslims in Pakistan.

This madness will only end when it is challenged and of course it will not be easy to stop because many Islamists support killing apostates. However, fascism in Europe was only defeated because nations challenged fascism but today we have a new fascism emerging, but this fascism is based on fusing religion with politics, and it is more dangerous because it is a global challenge. Therefore, will our leaders stand up to this new challenge or will they cave in?

LEE JAY WALKER   (image is taken from a different angle)